Why I left Google

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This article is wicked insightful, I really enjoyed reading it. I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Google on more levels than I’d care to outline in detail. When Google first really blew up, everything was mind-blowing. The search engine factors alone were magnetically attractive and the basis upon which today’s success was built for them. As is always the problem, Google needed to make money, and one of the most lucrative ways they did so was via advertising. Ads are a very competitive space, and that competition has molded Google into something many people don’t enjoy, myself included.

Does that mean I’m not writing this in Chrome? No. Does that mean Google is no longer my default search engine? No. I still use these tools because in my opinion they’re the best for me. I’m not loyal to these tools because of the company behind them, if that were the case I wouldn’t be using them. I continue to use Google products because they continue to do their job really well, aside from the financial incentive.

Times are changing though. I’m no longer enamored with Google search results, I should explore other options. I’ve moved away from Gmail because having this ad-focused corporate giant know absolutely everything about my personal communication just doesn’t sit right. The browser I’m using is likely taking notes on more than I’d like, but it hasn’t brought me to the point of abandonment yet because it’s so awesome for Web development.

Google goes hand in and with the modern Web, but what’s awesome is that the competition is fierce and there are dedicated people out there not willing to relinquish everything, and for that I’m thankful.