Why I Turned Down A $20,000/Year Client

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If you’re in client service the business end of things is never finished. With each project you learn something new not only about yourself but clients in general. I know that culture frowns on generalizations, but I think in order to progress your business (in particular it’s strategy) you need to simplify processes.

The overarching goal of business is to make money, right? There are various ways to do that and many admirable sub-tasks involved, but at the end of the day if you haven’t made money you will not be a business for very long. That said, you need to keep in mind what Andy Rutledge refers to as The Client Factors, which comes into play on every project. His client factors are different from mine which are also different than yours, but there’s an overarching trend here which is outlined in this article:

… we have to value the $20K for what it was: a good-paying client, yes, but a low-paying job

There is a strict relationship between what’s considered a good job/client and a bad job/client. You need to be evaluating and pursuing the good ones by watching out for these red flags that can make you a miserable businessperson.