Why tabs are clearly superior

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I’ve been in the ‘spaces’ camp when considering the Tabs vs. Spaces Civil War ever since I first viewed source in my browser and saw how hideous it looked. If I’m honest, that was the primary reason I switched to spaces back then, and I pretty much forgot about it. That is until now.

I’ve been a huge fan of WordPress for years now, and it’s by far the majority of the work I do, so I’m taking steps to align my processes with the processes of that project, which includes it’s coding standards. WordPress has taken a lot of time to document a lot of stuff, and they’re putting even more effort there with recent hires. I love that. I’m also doing what I can to research the reasons behind certain decisions that were made, code formatting included.

I really like this article because it outlines a number of positive reasons for using tabs, which helps ease my anxiety about switching. Dramatic as it is, changing from spaces to tabs is a big deal in a developer’s life, but for me it’s for the greater good in aligning with a project I fully support.