Why You Can’t Work at Work

Why You Cant Work at Work BigThink interview with @jasonfried – garrys subposterous.

I guarantee that if you work in a building with more than one person, this is your life. Have you ever had the luxury of working from home for a day? It’s mind blowing how much work you get done.

At my company I take on more of a managerial role and as much as it pains me to say it I have to be honest when I say that I’m interrupted at least 60% of my day. Shifting gears is the worst thing that can happen regardless of your work style and working with other people simply begs for it to happen.

I try to do what Jason mentions in his interview by focusing for as big of a chunk of time as possible by not checking activeCollab, ignoring emails, not answering the phone, quitting iChat, ignoring Tweetie, and just listening to iTunes while I try to get something done today. If I get a straight hour of work done without interruption it feels weird. That’s awful. I need to change that in my company as soon as yesterday.