WordPress as an app platform

WordPress as an app platform | Andrew Spittle.

I’ve been thinking about this a ton lately. 2012 has been a landmark year for me personally when it comes to WordPress development. I’ve built more complex things than I ever have before and learning more about WordPress as an application than I ever have. Every week I find that I’m enjoying WordPress more and more and I’m recognizing even more of the genius behind it. I continue to admire the core team behind WordPress and do what I can to glean knowledge from them by keeping up with dev posts and Trac tickets, but I’ve got a long way to go. I do feel that I’ve embraced WordPress as an application platform, however. For me it’s the perfect blend of framework-style API implementations with just enough done out of the box to get me up and running with stuff I’m nearly guaranteed to use on the project without being bloated. Innovation in the space is like no other project I keep up with and while I realize I’m completely biased, it’s inspirational to me. WordPress has made a dent in the world in my opinion, and the dent is getting bigger with every release. I love it.