You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat | Trent Walton.

I remain firm on my stance that professional Web design and development is still ‘new’ business. I think that’s one of the more attractive aspects the industry holds. That’s not to say, though, that traditional business doesn’t get in the way. The biggest trouble we run into is usually outdated business practice that simply gets in the way of actual work. Explaining how we work can sometimes be the most difficult thing to clearly outline throughout the life of a project.

That’s just one of many factors that contribute to any stress that could be involved in the job. As you complete more projects, you [should] learn more things. This knowledge we gain can and should be used to make the next project go a bit more smoothly. With that, comes things like The Client Factors. The Client Factors is a subject unto itself (which Andy covered wonderfully) bu there are also the internal factors, something we should keep in mind as inquiries find our inbox.

Good projects with good clients result in great design and lots of happy people; the reason we’re all doing this.