Your Editor is Not the Bottleneck

Your Editor is Not the Bottleneck.

We still love talking about our tools, even if we don’t like talking about our tools. It’s really quite an oddity how much we talk about what we write our code in, myself included. I’ve written at length my observation of a curiosity surrounding what else is out there, what I’m missing out on, and I think it’s something I’ll honestly struggle with for a long time to come. While my time isn’t usually spent tinkering with various editors to set them up just how I like, it’s spent analyzing the workflow the programmer behind the editor had in mind as it was written. I like to see what parallels my existing process and what conflicts with it. Then I think about why the conflict is there in the first place. Is it a conscious decision I made, or did it happen to happen? Those are the core reasons I don’t think I’ll ever be completely content with my editor of choice, but until then I’m going to keep working as fast as my tools and mind will let me.