What I’m Using

Developer culture states that we must be curious about the setup of our colleagues. I’m always curious about how other developers work, so this page assumes that of you too. If there’s anything missing below please feel free to contact me so I can make the list a bit more comprehensive.

This Site


  • Really quite smitten with Vue right now.
  • I like how Parcel works as a build system facilitator.
  • Excited to build out my first Laravel application. Have you seen Nova? 🤯
  • I like integrating these things into code that ends up running alongside WordPress.
  • Check out GitHub for even more specifics.


  • I use Visual Studio Code the majority of the time.
  • Dank Mono is my font of choice (it took me a bit to get used to ligatures but I’m on board, and I like italics for comments)
  • Theme is Cobalt2 by one of my heroes Wes Bos.

Visual Studio Code Extensions


Desktop Apps

  • Alfred starts up just about everything, calculates everything, and gives me snippets.
  • I use Things after having used OmniFocus for a decade.
  • I use Sketch to design when I need to design.
  • Time Machine and Backblaze provide redundant backup.


I spent many years building up a collection of DSLR gear but some time ago I switched to a mirrorless setup with a Fujifilm X100T but after wanting some zoom sold that and went with a Fujifilm X-T1 which I enjoy very much. To date I have resisted picking up additional lenses, but I’m not sure how much longer that will last.