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iPhone 5 website teardown

iPhone 5 website teardown: How Apple compresses video using JPEG, JSON, and. This is simply fascinating. Apple has some of the most innovative people working there. Honestly I didn’t even give the page being analyzed a second look but I’m really glad to have stumbled upon this link because the implementation is genius. The goal […]

Posted: October 16, 2012

alexmic/filtrr – GitHub

alexmic/filtrr – GitHub. Instagram in JavaScript. I’m continually interested in learning more about canvas and really need to get in gear.

Posted: February 06, 2012

Román Cortés » 1k Rose

Román Cortés » 1k Rose. Speaking of

Posted: February 06, 2012

flotr2: A Canvas Graphing Library

flotr2. This is an impressive piece of work. I’ve always been a sucker for nice looking charts and graphs, and flotr2 helps you build your own in canvas. I’m definitely keeping this bookmarked for a project or two I’ve got in mind.

Posted: February 03, 2012

Instagram Engineering Challenge: Solved in HTML5

http://feval.info/instagram/canvas.html Recently, Instagram released their Engineering Challenge: The Unshredder which challenged developers to de-shred an image. These guys did it in HTML5. Definitely worth viewing source on this one.

Posted: November 16, 2011

HTML5 vs Flash Drawing

HTML5 vs Flash Drawing JavaScript vs ActionScript 3 { William Malone } As our relationship with HTML5 progresses and grows deeper, I’m excited to see direct comparisons between ‘old and busted’ and ‘the new hotness’ on a one-to-one scale. William Malone literally holds our hand as he walks us through the replication of an icon […]

Posted: July 02, 2010

Working with canvas – Some Background and Basics

Canvas is an HTML element that provides a surface on which to draw with JavaScript

Posted: March 23, 2009