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Flip the Script!

How frustrating can it be to try and debug minified code? How much harder is it to try and debug someone else’s minified code that you have absolutely no control over? Flip the Script is a Chrome extension that does something amazing by adding a new tab to the Web Inspector: The extension lists all […]

Posted: June 02, 2015

Cross-Browser Debugging CSS

Stubbornella » Blog Archive » Cross-Browser Debugging CSS. This is really a fantastic workflow that’s worth a quick review even for the seasoned front end developers. Browser consistency is surely a focal point for front end Web development but as you progress and build more sites, it should become less of a pain point. CSS […]

Posted: May 04, 2012

Seriously Considering the Move from Text Editor to an IDE

The past year has shown me that my interest in programming is expanding. That said, it’s an entirely new discipline in which I need to refine my professionalism. There are certain aspects of working within an IDE that I feel will help me accomplish that.

Posted: March 14, 2011