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Using Chrome DevTools to profile the jsconf.eu site

This is a fascinating look into diagnosing scroll performance issues using Chrome’s dev tools. I immediately thought back to the days before dev tools existed and although it was before any of the fancy stuff we’re doing today, I do not envy the days before these tools existed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU1JAW5LRKU

Posted: June 19, 2015

CSS filters, GIFs, and performance – What I Learned Building…

To this day I think the bar for what’s considered a ‘hack’ is much lower in the world of front end. We’re working with what can be considered old technology. While new, awesome things are getting added every single day we still fall victim to some legacy implementations we just can’t get around. Case in […]

Posted: July 02, 2013

Welcome to Cloud.typography

Everyone and their brother is linking to this today but I want to point out some stuff going on under the hood that I really like. Wait. First go create an account at H&FJ because their fonts are just simply spectacular. We’ve been waiting for this day with bated breath and now that it’s here […]

Posted: July 01, 2013

Trimming the Fat

I love articles like these for a few reasons. I like to see the approach other developers take to optimization but I also like the blatant discovery related to the overhead of using prebuilt libraries, frameworks, and other what-have-you’s. These tools are life changing, they’re awesome, but we need to keep in mind the overhead […]

Posted: May 23, 2013

7 Resources Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

These are simply great resources for any JavaScript developer. I’m a big fan of everything in the list and think it’d be beneficial to any front end developer.

Posted: May 21, 2013

Truth, Equality and JavaScript

Checking for truthiness and equality in JavaScript can sometimes be a daunting procedure. This article heavily walks through the ins and outs of effectively evaluating truth and equality in JavaScript. This is an important thing to understand as fully as possible because it correlates directly to business logic and overall stability of your code. Beyond […]

Posted: May 03, 2013

Become a Javascript Console Power-User

I use console all the time but I honestly learned just about everything this video has to offer. It’s a bit older so I can only imagine what has been implemented on top of these techniques since then. Great stuff.

Posted: May 03, 2013

Enigma64 – the fastest way to get images from Photoshop

Over time I’ve become more a fan of base64 encoding assets where appropriate. It’s an interesting approach to reducing HTTP requests for assets by including them in the parent asset. For example, instead of including a URL reference to a background-image in your CSS, you can base64 encode it and include the image right within […]

Posted: April 20, 2013

Visualizing Shadow DOM Concepts

I’ve had Shadow DOM on my radar for the past few weeks, and I’m still trying to keep it straight in my brain. The whole idea of being able to encapsulate segments of the DOM for abstracted use is just so outside the norm for what we’ve been doing for decades that it’s going to […]

Posted: April 09, 2013

Media Queries are a Hack

This article ruffled a few feathers recently, but I agree with most of it. Media queries really broke open all of our minds regarding how we should approach both design and development, but as is often a byproduct of such a realization we are quick to discover limitations. Media queries are, for the most part […]

Posted: April 07, 2013