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CSSDeck. One of the great things about front end development is the ease of access to the source code. If you’re curious about how something works, with enough ambition you’ll be able to figure it out exactly by viewing a few readily accessible source files. That’s very unlike the world of programming, so it’s something […]

Posted: January 17, 2012

Using CSS3 to Properly Center Thumbnail Galleries

I’ve got a specific stance on CSS3. While the geek in me wants to use it whenever and wherever possible, there are some drawbacks when it comes to consistency. There are cases, though, where I feel it really appropriate to go ahead and take advantage of what CSS3 has to offer. Thumbnail galleries, for instance, provide a nice platform to begin working with nth-child().

Posted: March 18, 2010

Suckerfish HoverLightbox Redux

After taking some time to play with the design as well as functionality, a new version of the Suckerfish HoverLightbox is here.

Posted: February 19, 2007

Suckerfish HoverLightbox

The Suckerfish HoverLightbox is a mashup of three very popular Web design techniques blended together to offer a new way of presenting your image galleries.

Posted: March 27, 2006