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Why I look at OmniFocus

Why I look at OmniFocus. Although the title references it, this article can be generalized to any task management application. It’s an oversaturated market, sure, but I really think an effective standardization of task management will help everyone on the face of the earth. I’ve evaluated pretty much every to-do app under the sun but […]

Posted: May 08, 2012

Using OmniFocus and Project Management Software to Get Things Done on a Team

I love organization, productivity, and process. I like using systems to help maintain that equilibrium as well, but there’s this one nagging issue that’s bothered me for some time and it revolves around the difference between personal and “public” tasks.

Posted: March 05, 2012

To-Do Lists Don’t Work

To-Do Lists Don't Work – Daniel Markovitz – Harvard Business Review. I agree with this article just as much as I disagree with it. I agree in that to-do lists do not work. Having a random list consisting of both blue-sky items as well as a reminder to pick up the milk just doesn’t make […]

Posted: January 25, 2012