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Pullin’ a Rabbit out of a Black Hat

Pullin' a Rabbit out of a Black Hat | Privacy Online News. The term ‘hacking’ is extraordinarily romanticized in the world. Hollywood loves to make it action packed and exciting. There is a semantic war between the terms ‘hacker’ and ‘cracker’ but without getting into that, let’s conform to discussing black hat hacking, the bad […]

Posted: March 13, 2012

WordPress 3 Ultimate Security Book Review

I recently read WordPress 3 Ultimate Security by Olly Connelly and I’m impressed. At nearly 400 pages, the book is overflowing with lots of information on an unwieldy subject that (rightly) keeps some people away from unmanaged hosting. If you’re interested in keeping your WordPress sites as secure as possible, this book might be for you.

Posted: January 30, 2012