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CMS Tree Page View has been adopted — by me!

I’ve been a part of the WordPress ecosystem for a long time now. Such a long time in fact, it’s been the platform upon which I’ve built my livelihood. That’s come in many forms: consulting, custom development, and products like SearchWP. I got started wedging my way into the WordPress world primarily by blogging what […]

Posted: July 21, 2020

These canaries aren’t dying

The web design/development ecosystem is an interesting one. Technology flourishes, careers blossom, trends come and go, and lives are changed both for creators and consumers. I’ve been thinking about canaries a lot lately. Not the birds themselves but the adage. I think I’m seeing (exhibiting?) a lot of canary-like behavior right now by observing an […]

Posted: April 23, 2019

There’s power in your choices. This is a post about Chrome.

It’s likely that by reading this you build part of the Internet. It might be a small corner, but it’s yours and you built it. In the big picture not a lot of people can say that, and as a result your decisions carry weight. I don’t mean to sound weighty but I think it’s […]

Posted: September 26, 2018

Blink, WebKit, Google, Chrome, Mozilla, Servo; oh the Insanity! … right?

This week just got really interesting. It seems that just yesterday we were terrified of browser monoculture, but today we’re fearful of too much fragmentation.

Posted: April 04, 2013

Opera Mobile 12, and introducing Opera Mini Next

Opera Developer News – Opera Mobile 12, and introducing Opera Mini Next. Opera will always have a place in my heart, I continually look up to them for the work they do. Not only that, I look up to them for their determination in such a crowded market. There are a lot of big players […]

Posted: February 28, 2012 – A lovely js competition – A lovely js competition. It’s that time of year again. If you’re not familiar with js1k, it’s defined as: The object of this competition is to create a cool JavaScript “application” no larger than 1k. Starting out as a joke, the first version ended with a serious amount of submissions, prizes and quality. […]

Posted: February 06, 2012

Facebook’s SEC Filing

Registration Statement on Form S-1. I don’t use Facebook, but good gosh… … those are big numbers.

Posted: February 02, 2012

Updating Google’s privacy policies and terms of service

Official Google Blog: Updating our privacy policies and terms of service. Privacy policies are actually a big deal. They’re the EULA of websites and often go ignored, resulting in outrage from user bases who never read it in the first place and are infuriated that the company behind the site followed through on what was […]

Posted: January 25, 2012

The New Web Typography

The New Web Typography. Microsoft is really hitting things strong early in 2012, wow. The hot topic this week is OpenType support in IE10. While other browsers fit that bill as well, Microsoft made this (very non-Microsoft looking) website to tout what’s so cool about OpenType support in browsers. Of course a big pink ribbon […]

Posted: January 11, 2012

NGINX takes 2nd place in Web Servers from Microsoft IIS

NGINX takes 2nd place in Web Servers from Microsoft IIS | ZDNet. NGINX is seriously blowing up, and so it deserves. I moved all of our stuff to an NGINX-powered server about six months ago and haven’t looked back. At all. It’s seriously a stellar piece of software. To hear that NGINX is now second […]

Posted: January 09, 2012