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Support Customers by Helping Them Help Themselves

If there’s a single, overarching theme that seems to resonate with product builders it is the pain point of support. Some despise it, but I’ve come to sincerely appreciate the support interactions I’ve had through SearchWP. It’s shown me how to be more patient, more understanding, and through that make SearchWP a better product in […]

Posted: August 12, 2014

How to get great support as a technical user

If you build any kind of software that gets used by anyone but yourself, one of the first things you learn is that support usually eats way more time than actual work. It’s somewhat of a depressing discovery, and usually a lesson you learn a number of hard ways. All isn’t lost though, there’s a […]

Posted: July 02, 2013

Dealing with IE

Internet Explorer is still a topic of conversation amongst professionals, and I truly still believe it’s appropriate. It’s too easy to just huff and puff at the problems we’ve got to deal with concerning IE, but at the end of the day the stuff we’re working on is seen and used by people. I try […]

Posted: January 11, 2013

Bootstrapped Startup Saves Over $100K By Dropping IE

Bootstrapped Startup Saves Over $100K By Dropping IE | TechCrunch. This is an interesting (very) outside look at the effect dropping IE support could have on your startup. I can only imagine that the Web startup world is filled with the same angst as the Web design world in handling legacy browsers. It wasn’t an […]

Posted: April 02, 2012

Support Details

Support Details | Tech Support Management. I have forgotten this bookmark too many times, so I’m posting it here not only to help me remember when the time comes, but also to show you this really helpful tool when it comes to client work. Support Details is a nifty little utility website that you can […]

Posted: January 30, 2012