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I’ve been trying to use Linux, but…

The first time I tried to use Linux was before the year 2000. I was gravitationally drawn to Linux because of the movie Hackers. I had saved up enough money to buy a laptop of some sort (a Compaq if I’m not mistaken) and stumbled somehow upon Linux by way of Linux-Mandrake. If memory serves, […]

Posted: February 15, 2024

Keeping Safari a secret

I didn’t become a Mac user until 2006, so stories like these are interesting to me. I didn’t realize that Safari ended up being the ‘unveiling’ that it did, and if you were in the industry it was an imagination-sparking time when you heard about these engineers career moves. So, secrecy. We weren’t under physical […]

Posted: January 16, 2013

What Skeuomorphism Is (And Isn’t)

What Skeuomorphism Is (And Isn’t) | SachaGreif.com. Like many buzz-words, ‘skeuomorphism’ has been a hot topic for quite a while now, and over time has become a very generic term that grossly embraces a far wider spectrum than it once did. The trend came about particularly when Apple started including leather textures within applications. People […]

Posted: November 20, 2012

iPhone 5 website teardown

iPhone 5 website teardown: How Apple compresses video using JPEG, JSON, and. This is simply fascinating. Apple has some of the most innovative people working there. Honestly I didn’t even give the page being analyzed a second look but I’m really glad to have stumbled upon this link because the implementation is genius. The goal […]

Posted: October 16, 2012

Slicy – Magic with PSDs

MacRabbit – Slicy – Magic with PSDs. This, for me, is one of those “I can’t believe it went until 2012 without this existing” stories. Slicy is the latest application from MacRabbit, the shop famous for Espresso and CSSEdit before that. When building out the front end, you may be all too familiar with the […]

Posted: April 04, 2012

Starting Over | Get Real | Jason Fried

Starting Over | Get Real | Jason Fried | Inc.com. Basecamp is getting rebuilt. From scratch. This is music to my ears even though I don’t use the software. 37signals is a bar in our industry. They know their stuff and it’s inspiring to see what they do and read what they write. They’re progressive […]

Posted: January 24, 2012

Is it Now Acceptable to Require JavaScript?

It’s not a new trend, but it’s something I see more and more with bigger companies who pride themselves on building (upon) standards based, open platforms. Is it becoming increasingly acceptable to build Web applications that require JavaScript?

Posted: June 21, 2010

Thoughts on Flash

Today Mr. Steve Jobs published a lengthy piece titled Thoughts on Flash throughout which he explains Apple’s position on Flash and the reasons behind its absence on the best devices ever invented. I wanted to jot down some of our thoughts on Adobe’s Flash products so that customers and critics may better understand why we […]

Posted: April 29, 2010

Silverback: Making Usability Testing That Much Cooler

Silverback is usability testing software from the group at Clearleft. Here are my initial thoughts on the application itself.

Posted: July 28, 2008

A Quick Update Regarding the (End of My) Break

After taking a few weeks off, I’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled publications starting next week: June 23, 2008

Posted: June 16, 2008